Code of Conduct

What we expect from Members

Horsmonden Cricket Club (HCC) is fully committed to playing cricket within the spirit of the game. HCC believes that it is important that our Members should, at all times, show respect to players, officials and supporters. Members are encouraged to share any concerns or complaints regarding the behaviour of our members with the Disciplinary Committee.

As a player for HCC, you are expected to abide by the following rules:

  1. All HCC players must play within the laws of the game.
  2. All HCC players must treat all officials, team-mates, opponents and supporters with respect.
  3. HCC players are encouraged to approach training and matches in a positive frame of mind.
  4. HCC must be dignified in victory and defeat.
  5. All players must treat the club’s facilities and kit with care.
  6. All HCC players must accept the umpire’s decision and show no dissent during or after the match.
  7. Players should keep to agreed timings for matches and practice or inform their captain if they are going to be absent or late.
  8. Players must wear suitable kit for matches and practice sessions, as stated below.
  9. Players kit must be of clean and presentable condition.
  10. Players subs must up to date for the current season.
  11. Players must pay any fees for matches on the day.
  12. Foul and /or abusive language on or off the field is unacceptable.
  13. Intimidation, aggressive behaviour and /or deliberate distraction of opponents by words or actions are unacceptable.
  14. Players are not allowed to smoke or consume alcohol on the pitch at any time.
  15. Players are not allowed to take recreational or illegal drugs of any kind on the club premises or whilst representing the club.
  16. It is expected that teams will do their utmost to win but the highest standards of sportsmanship in keeping with the spirit of the game should be displayed.

Dress Code

The Horsmonden Cricket Club colours are Black and gold so the club kindly request that only HCC or plain shirts, caps, sun hats and jumpers are worn.

Club polo shirts are the preferred attire before and after the game on match days.

Cricket shoes must be white. Please note that black or coloured footwear is not permitted for matches.


See Section 8 of the Horsmonden Cricket Club Constitution for Disciplinary Procedure.

HCC expects anyone involved with the club to act in a way that is befitting a club of our stature. Any incidents involving any Supporters, Associate Members, Life Members or Officials will be dealt with by the Club Committee.