Fast Bowling Policy

HCC follow the ECB Fast Bowling Directives

The Fast Bowling Directives are designed to raise awareness of the need to nurture and protect our young fast bowlers through their formative years, and have been welcomed by a significant number of coaches and managers.

Statistics clearly show that fast bowlers regularly win International matches, and if England is to achieve the vision of becoming the most successful and respected cricket nation, every effort must be taken to produce bowlers to reach the goal.

The ECB fast bowling directives have changed following a two-year consultation process. The outcome is that bowlers up to under-15 level are now able to bowl longer spells and more overs in a day.

Under the new directives, which come into effect at the start of the 2010 season, bowlers at under-16 and under-17 level are now permitted to bowl an extra over per spell, but those in the under-18 and under-19 category have had the total number of overs they can deliver per day reduced from 21 to 18.

The fast bowling directives are designed to raise awareness of the need to nurture and protect young fast bowlers through their formative years. Research has shown that fast bowlers are by far the most likely players to be missing playing and training time due to injury.

Bowler’s AgePrevious Max Overs Per SpellPrevious Max Overs Per DayUpdated Max Overs Per SpellUpdated Max Overs Per Day
Up to 1348510
U14, U15510612
U16, U17618718
U18, U19721718
For these purposes a fast bowler should be defined as a bowler to whom a wicket keeper in the same age group would in normal circumstances stand back to take the ball
Kevin Shine, ECB lead fast bowling coach, said: “The elite fast bowling group has been researching injury prevention, performance enhancement and workloads for the past four years.
“The new recommendations mean youngsters under the age of 15 can now bowl an additional over in a spell and two overs more in a day. These figures are over and above the original directives.
“It is clear that our young bowlers need to bowl more so that they can develop match winning abilities and habits and I look forward to the revised directives giving individual fast bowlers and teams more of a chance to play match winning cricket.”
The results included input from clubs, county boards, ECB elite performance group, which includes, ESCA, ECB performance, ECB development, England elite player development, ECB operations, and HMC schools.