Cricket Week

Cricket Week & Beer Festival

Horsmonden CC are proud to host our annual Cricket Week and Beer Festival.  We will be offering a range of beers and providing BBQs and Live Music throughout the week, look out on social media and on the club notice boards for more details.

Everyone is welcome to come along and watch and join in with the social side of the game!!!

Cricket Week opposition with dates:

Bells Yew Green CC

Local East Sussex team, Bells Yew Green Cricket Club were formed in 1947 by men from the village returning from the war. BYGCC are regular opposition in junior cricket.

Appearances: 2020

South Walsham CC

South Walsham and District Cricket Club is a small village club in East Norfolk playing friendly but competitive cricket on Sundays and mid week. The club has been in existence since 1908 when men from the village were brought together by the then Vicar of South Walsham, the Rev. Francis Ranken.

Appearances: 2018

Cobham CC

Cobham CC

Regular attendees of Cricket Week and good friends of HCC, Cobham Cricket Club from Kent claim to be the original home of “The Ashes”. Founded in 1850, the first game was played in Cobham Park between Cobham Hall Estate and Cobham Village on the 7th August 1850.

In 1883 the then Captain of Cobham, the Honourable Ivo Bligh, later to become the Eighth Earl of Darnley, also captained England’s touring side in Australia. During this tour Florence Morphy (later Lady Darnley) and some other Victorian ladies, burnt a bail and presented the ashes in an urn to Ivo Bligh. “The Ashes” in the now famous urn remained at Cobham Hall until 1926 when they were presented to the MCC at Lord’s.

Appearances: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Newenden CC

Newingden CC

Debuting this year are Newenden Cricket Club based in the smallest village in Kent on the border with East Sussex.

Kent and Sussex are jointly believed to be the birthplace of cricket having been invented by children living on the Weald in Saxon or Norman times. The game’s earliest tentative reference came from the term creag in 1301 relates to Newenden!

Appearances: 2017, 2018

Stone-in-Oxney CC

Stone-in-Oxney Cricket Club

Cricket Week stalwarts and good friends of HCC, Stone-in-Oxney Cricket Club are based south east of Tenterden, and stands in a position on the eastern side of the Isle of Oxney. The stone that gives the village its name is preserved in the village church, and is of Roman origin. The Saxon Shore Way long distance walking route tracing the old Saxon shoreline passes through the parish.

Appearances: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018

Hunton CC

Hunton Wanderers Cricket Club

Local team Hunton Wanderers are a friendly group of cricket enthusiasts who play at Hunton near Yalding and Maidstone.

Appearances: 2016

Rainham CC
Rainham Cricket Club

Rainham CC was founded in 1896. Not to be confused with Rainham CC from Kent, they are based at Spring Farm Park, Rainham, Essex.

Please check back soon for the Club’s illustrious history once it has been written on their website.

Appearances: 2013, 2014

Sanford CC

Sanford Cricket Club

Sanford Cricket Club were formed in the Sanford Arms in Guildford around 1989. They just play friendly matches and visit us when they are touring in Kent.

Appearances: 2013, 2014

Newington CC

Newington Cricket Club

North Kent team Newington Cricket Club have evidence of being in existence for over 150 years. Newington is located between Sittingbourne and Rainham.

Newington CC badge shows three ducks – hopefully they’ll let us know why!

Appearances: 2012

City of London School

City of London School

The City of London School (CLS) is a boys’ independent day school on the banks of the River Thames in the City of London.

Appearances: 2011

Kent Police

Kent Police CC

Many Police Constabularies enjoy a game of cricket to get them out into the community and Kent Police are no different. No arrests were made, so all good!

Appearances: 2011

Charlton Athletic FPA

Charlton Athletic FPA

Charlton Athletic have been visiting Horsmonden CC since the 50s initially as part of their pre-season cricket tour. Now it’s the Former Players’ Association who play and is run specifically for and on behalf of Charlton Athletic former players and associate members. This one always proves a competive fixture and a favourite with the supporters.

Appearances: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 + many others!