Coach/Volunteer Recruitment Policy

HCC Coach/Volunteer Recruitment Policy Statement

The following provides the key to ensuring that the appropriate adults are engaged with young people in cricket.


  • Provide clear task description, detailing the roles and responsibilities ofthe post and the requirements of the Club.
  • Provide person specification detailing the qualifications and experience required.
  • Provide an application form to obtain information about the applicant.
  • Provide a small pack for applicants including the following.
  • Task Description
    • Code of Conduct
    • Child Protection policy statement
    • Equity policy statement
    • Coach/Volunteer agreement form


  • Application form should include name, address and National Insurance number.
  • Confirmation of identity
  • Relevant experience, qualifications and training undertaken
  • Previous involvement in sport/cricketNames of two people willing to provide written reference

Checks and References

  • Coaches must be fully paid up members of the ECB Coaches Association
  • CRB disclosure form must be completed prior to appointment
  • Applicants should be given a copy of the ECB Code of Conduct and it should be made clear that a condition of appointment is that the applicant must adopt the Code of Conduct and that the outcome of any breach of the code could result in disciplinary action
  • A minimum of two written references should be sought with at least one being related to former work with young people where possible
  • Should the applicant have no previous experience working with young people relevant training should be givenWritten references should be followed up and confirmed with a phone call

Interview and Induction

All candidates, paid or voluntary, who meet the minimum requirements, must attend an interview and if successful receive a full induction, which includes the following:

  • Verification of their qualification as a coach/umpire
  • The completion of a profile to identify training needs
  • Acceptance of the ECB Code of ConductClarification of the expectations, roles and responsibilities of the post
  • An explanation of Welfare of Young People policies and procedures
  • An introduction to Club colleagues and members


  • Appropriate training will enable individuals toRecognise their responsibilities with regard to conduct and good practice
  • Report any suspected poor practice or concerns of abuse
  • Understand how to manage disclosures from a Young Person
  • Ensure that they fulfil their role within the duty of care for Young People
  • Attend a course in Good Practice and Child Protection every three years

Supervision and Monitoring

  • Regular reviews should be undertaken to give feedback and identify training needs
  • Managers should promote good practice and be sensitive to any concerns

Complaints Procedure

  • The ECB has introduced a Complaints and Discipline Procedure to deal with any formal complaints and/or appeals
  • The procedures are available for Coaches, Umpires, Volunteers and Parents to see on request from the ECB Welfare Case Officer at Lords